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अखंड भगवत परायण

अ.नि परम पूज्य श्री जोगी स्वामी

( श्री हरिप्रसाद स्वामी )

Jogi Ayurved

The Name Jogi Ayurved comes from the name of his holiness Akshar Nivasi Pujya JOGI Swami (Hari Prakash Das Ji Swami).

Jogi Swami inspired millions of souls to the path of salvation through divinity and his on life. All our businesses are with in his name to have his divine memory.

He has been a source of inspiration to conduct all our business venture in line with the principles of Lord Shree Swaminarayan as described in Shikshapatri

Jogi Ayurved Hospital and all its allied ventures have been established in year 2000. JOGI Group of Companies is led by Mr. Nilesh Jogal. Ayurved Hospital is led by Dr. Devangi Jogal.

Ayurvedic treatment protocol for covid-19

Developed by Dr. Devangi N. Jogal.

Inhalation of steam has prevented ourselves and our staff from corona infection so far. Our experience is that those who are regularly inhaling steam twice in a day; have remained safe from Corona. Watch the videos to know more and to learn the correct technique of steam inhalation for corona prevention.

Benefits of Steam Inhalation
Procedure of Steam Inhalation
કોરોનાથી બચવા નો અકસીર ઉપાય..વરાળનો નાસ લેવો| Most effective to prevent COVID-19 Viral Infections

The high risk people are those who have more chances to come in contact with corona positive persons. For example Doctors, paramedical staff, clinical staff, people working in public places, etc. For such people; we recommend to take MAHABHADRA Ayurvedic Kadha in addition to steam inhalation twice in a day. Watch the video to prepare this kadha and on your own and the method of preparation.

Procedure of Steam Inhalation
इम्यूनिटी के लिए बेस्ट आयुर्वेदिक काढ़ा। Best Ayurvedic Kadha
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Ayurvedic medicines are very effective in treatment of Corona. We have successfully treated more than 1500 corona positive patients with Ayurvedic Medicines so far. Watch the video to know the common medicines we found effective in the treatment of Corona. If you wish to consult our doctor for Ayurvedic Medicines of Corona; please call the number given below.

Corona Prevention l કોરોનાથી બચવા અને સાજા થવા શું કરશો?

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